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Mahavairocana Dharma

Direct lineage to Namo Sakyamuni Buddha.  In the Tibetan region, Namo LinChen Khearthu physically trained Namo Crown Chakra Guide in this life. In the mid-1970s, Namo Mahavairocana Buddha asked Namo Crown Chakra Guide to disseminate Cosmic-Halo esoteric practices throughout this world into all cultures. First, 光環密宗 was formed reaching eastern cultures. Cosmic-Halo is a growing understanding working toward fulfilling our mission to achieve full human health globally by uniting all cultures seeking the divine.

Seeking community leaders to advise members of their communities how to heal any health problem or birth defect.

Seeking health-care researchers to document physical healing of incurable diseases. Faith is necessary, blind faith is harmful.

Agnostic Proof in One Leap of Faith

Potential to live long healthy lives is written into all of our DNA..  Health is found by being in harmony with the natural order of the cosmos.

Harmonizing one's DNA with the natural order contained within the Cosmic-Halo of our Milky Way Galaxy methalates DNA overcoming karmic pollution.

Are you ready to Ignite Your Buddha?

First, harmonize your current practice with the Cosmic-Halo of the Milky Way Galaxy we live in.  Sincerity determines effectiveness:

Four times a day Find a private, quite, dark place between 4 AM and 10 PM (planet facing sun for connection). Keep dry and isolated to contemplate for 30 minutes before and after practicing. Hold hands in front of your heart, palms cupped, fingers together pointing toward nose with eyes closed:

1. Prostrate asking Namo Crown Chakra Guide to help (contact for more information on process)

2. Repeat out-loud in language closest to your heart over and over for 15 minutes “Do good deeds, don't do bad deeds"

3. Prostrate thanking Namo Crown Chakra Guide for help received

4. Connect with the divine in the way closest to your heart

Always Follow Your Heart

Following your heart is critical.  After cultivating using this method, be  sure to practice martial arts or yoga, pray, meditate, make music, make art, write  poetry, dance, and/or do whatever you do to connect with the divine to harmonize your tradition's  divine connection.

After you have spoken this mantra out loud 100,000 times contact for the next step in the process.  Out of 84,000 Dharmas (doctrines) that exist in the universe, up to 81 will fit any particular individual in any particular life.  Cosmic-Halo Esoteric School is to skip the 83,919 Dharmas that do not apply to you in this life and focus on the 81 that do.

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Building Physical Space

Namo Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (statue above) temple under construction on the Mohawk River in upstate New York.

Currently seeking a volunteer professional planer or $100,000 to plan this $10 Million dollar fusion center of medical sciences and light healing.

Ad interim virtual space at:




7 days a week

4 AM to 10 PM