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Ignite Your Buddha

Developing within to Develop Without

Human Health - World Peace

Mahavairocana Dharma

Direct lineage to Namo Sakyamuni Buddha.  In the Tibetan region, Namo LinChen Khearthu physically trained Namo Purple Halo Guru in this life. In the mid-1970s, Namo Mahavairocana Buddha asked Namo Purple Halo Guru to disseminate Cosmic-Halo esoteric practices throughout this world into all cultures.

Agnostic Proof in One Leap of Faith

Faith is necessary, blind faith is harmful.

Seeking community leaders to advise members of their communities how to heal any health problem or birth defect.

Seeking health-care researchers to document physical healing of incurable diseases. 

Harmonizing one's DNA with the natural order contained within the Cosmic-Halo of our Milky Way Galaxy methalates DNA overcoming karmic pollution.

Always Follow Your Heart

Hold you hands in front of your heart and say out-loud "do good deeds, don't do bad deeds" for 15 minutes.  This seven word mantra works in any language.  The language closest to your heart is the best one to use for you.

One Day Zen classes are being held that will energetically connect your aura to our galaxy's Cosmic-Halo at the highest voltage possible.  In addition, classes remind you how to hold as much of the Cosmic-Halo energy cultivated as you can. All learning is done during contemplation after meditation.  Classes are focused on process, your enlightenment cannot be taught.

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Building Physical Space

Namo Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (statue above) temple under construction on the Mohawk River in upstate New York.

Currently seeking a volunteer professional planer or $100,000 to plan this $10 Million dollar fusion center of medical sciences and light healing.

Ad interim virtual space at:




7 days a week

4 AM to 10 PM