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Developing within to Develop Without

Health ~ Peace Harmony

Esoteric Dharma

Direct lineage to Namo Sakyamuni Buddha.  In the Tibetan region an emanation of Guan Yin, Namo LinChen Khearthuan, physically trained Namo Purple Halo Guru in this life.

In the mid-1970s, Namo Mahavairocana Buddha asked Namo Purple Halo Guru to disseminate Cosmic-Halo esoteric practices throughout this world into all cultures.

Agnostic Proof in One Leap of Faith

Faith is necessary, blind faith is harmful.

Seeking community leaders to advise members of their communities how to heal and become fully realized through any tradition.

Seeking health-care researchers to document physical healing of incurable diseases. 

Harmonizing one's DNA with the Cosmic-Halo of our Milky Way Galaxy methylates DNA perfecting ones genetic base code by purifying Prana.  In addition one's aura becomes shielded from external energies allowing one to focus inward to awaken.

Always Follow Your Heart

One Day Zen Classes.

One Day Zen classes are being held that will begin to energetically shield your connection to our galaxy's Cosmic-Halo.  Enlightenment occurs  in the Buddhafields.during 30 minutes of contemplation before and after meditation.  Classes are focused on remembering process,

Practicing one day Zen meditation in tandem with martial arts, prayers, yoga, kirtan, writing, exercise, or however you connect with the divine enhances the experience.  Enhancing your current practices is paramount.  Following your heart is critical.

Reach out to signup for a class or register to be trained by Namo Purple Halo Guru to teach One Day Zen in your community.

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